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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ring Bling?

Ring Bling is an open-source web application that generates 3D models which can be used to 3D print customizable swan neck ring splints. We aim to provide a simple and cost-effective alternative for therapists and clients to obtain customizable splints, especially at smaller sizes that are expensive to obtain elsewhere.

Users enter their finger measurements into the form on our website. We then process these measurements and create a 3D-printable .stl file that can be used to 3D print the user’s ring splint.

I don’t have a sizer. Where do I get them?

You can order the oval EZ-sizers from the Siris webpage.

Can’t I just use a standard jeweler’s ring sizer?

We’re glad you asked. As of now, Ring Bling only supports measurements from the Siris EZ-sizers, but we are exploring alternatives such as standard circular sizers.

Help! How do I use the EZ-sizers?

Follow this tutorial for fingers:

Follow this tutorial for the thumb:

What is an .stl file?

A .stl file is the 3D model file that a 3D printer can read to print your Ring Bling ring splint.

I have the .stl file. What now?

Find a 3D printing service locally or on the web, and transfer or upload your .stl file following their instructions. You can further customize your ring splints by choosing different materials and colors through your chosen 3D printing service.

What materials can I use to print my Ring Bling ring splints?

We recommend the use of smooth, rigid metals and plastics, as flexible materials will undermine the purpose of the ring splints. We are currently researching various alternatives and we’ll update this page as soon as we have identified the best options.

How do I change the color of my Ring Bling?

You can choose different colors and materials through your chosen 3D printing service.

Can you print my Ring Bling for me?

The short answer: not yet, but we hope to change that soon. We are working on a way to integrate 3D printing into our site so that you will be able to customize, style, and order your ring splints all in one place—and re-order them as needed.

Who created this tool?

RingBling.org is a project sponsored by Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM), a registered non-profit organization. It is a completely open source project designed and created by volunteers: Julie Knitter, Vidya Santosh, Micah Herstand, Gal Sasson, Allison Milgrom, Erii Sugimoto, Matthew Salazar, Teenie Tang, Peter Vikar, Kay Igwe